Leslie Chan is a carillonist at the University of California, Berkeley. Chan began her studies with Jeff Davis in 2014 and became a carillonneur member of the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America in 2018. She teaches carillon through the Democratic Education at Cal program, leads the Berkeley Carillon Guild, and performs regularly at Sather Tower. Chan also plays violin and piano and obtained a minor in music at MIT.

Special Performances/Projects

Women and the Carillon Concert Series, Berea College
The Bells of Summer 2019 at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel
World War I Armistice Centennial
Eighth Berkeley Carillon Festival
Luray Singing Tower Internship 2018
Guild of Carillonneurs in North America Congress 2018
Nelson Mandela 100th Commemoration
MLK50 Concert (with UC Berkeley Gospel Chorus)
Triforium LA Restoration (Consultant)
Twitch Plays Carillon
Berkeley Virtual Reality / 360 Carillon